Kenzor – more than BPM!

Kenzor is an integrated solution for developing, testing, executing and managing integration workflows.

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external services

An external service is used to call an application or service on a system external to Kenzor.

Key Resources

Kenzor can help ensure committed resources remain a priority within the organization.


Utilizing sensor data and other IoT sensors can streamline your business processes.


Kenzor can assist documentation paths, needed in workflow executions.


Ensure resilience and productivity by properly engaging your work force.


Using and managing sensor data means enabling the right actuator.

State machines - supercharged

Create value by integrating existing resources into carefully orchestrated workflows
Continual improvement process with KENZOR BPM
Improve your efficiency, responsiveness and reduce error margin by using smart business process control


Learn how can you increase your agility and efficiency, improve your work procesesses and reduce the error margin.
Increased agility

— Delivering more value
— Standardization
— Automation

Focusing on value creation for end customers is a key business endeavour. In fact LEAN implementation can seriously boost your performance and let you do things that really matter in your business. 

Standardized work forms the baseline for kaizen and continuous improvement. You can increase your agility and responsiveness with flexible workflow automation. Kenzor offers you to achieve and perform effectively your quality standard accreditations.

Increases efficiency

— Increasing revenue
— Reducing waste
— Reducing costs

There are many benefits that come along with optimizing your workflow, including an increase in productivity. But the biggest outcome of an effective workflow is money. Lack of control produces waste, which is found in each production step.

It is important to recognize areas, where time is being lost, material wasted, jobs reworked, deliveries are failed. Automating workflows removes the human element from the equation and creates a reliable process that can cut costs where it matters most.

Improves work processes

— Process control
— Eliminating distractions
— Improving management efficiency
— Increasing production capacity

Controls are intelligent processes, procedures, and safeguards that protect your company from uninformed or inappropriate decisions and actions by any team member. Kenzor eliminates tedious tasks from employees, improving engagement and allowing them to focus on more skill-related activities.

Kenzor gives managers better insight into the work done by members of the team and allows for the monitoring of the business variables so sensible business decisions can be made. Up-to-date information limits problems from getting out of hand and provides managers with essential information requisite for steering any business to the right direction. In 21st century it is all about business intelligence.

Reduce error margin

— Risk Management
— Extraordinary event protocols
— Knowledge retention
— Training and induction

Automation is the answer for reducing error margins. Identifying potential risks, quantifying the probability of occurrence and assessing their likely impact upon our work. All of the above is key for dealing with the uncertainty that is associated with task delivery.

Kenzor helps to turn uncertain events and efforts into certain outcomes and deliverables. It improves business communication and it creates an environment that offers knowledge retention. In a long run knowledge capital creates the longest lasting competitive advantage of a company.

Integrates with the existing IT infrastructure

— Customization
— Business and IT alignment

Kenzor plugs in easily with your existing software stack. Fully customized can adapt to a variety of business realities, integrating and aligning with your existing IT infrastructure means creating synergy in your business productivity.

Kenzor plugs in easily with your existing software stack. Fully customized can adapt to a variety of business realities, integrating and aligning with your existing IT infrastructure means creating synergy in your business productivity.

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general questions

Why is Kenzor BPM the best solution for challenges in your workflow environment?

Why is Kenzor BPM the best solution for challenges in your workflow environment?
Optimized for execution

Processes are optimized to be executed as efficiently as possible

Clean separation

Between business logic and state. Processes are modeled using high-level value-added functions that have no detrimental effect on process execution

Extremely flexible

Can be customized and used as either a standalone product or integrated into any other existing business solution

High performance

Made for enterprise - extremely fast and can process millions of documents per day

Horizontally scalable

Need more power? Spin-up more worker instances. (spool up)

Environment agnostic

Runs both on cloud and on premises and need some more text


Proven reliabilty by enterprise customers and need some more text

Track and audit everything

Each step in a workflow is precisely tracked for any desired level of auditing

Measure everything

Highly detailed metrics enable you to find and optimize bottlenecks in your processes

Continuous operational excellence

Creating an environment where you can integrate business smart solutions.

industries that use our product

Our products is in demand in many industries, and this list is constantly expanding
financial services
health systems
certificate support

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